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A previous posting on this website has already provided details of the Society’s forthcoming AGM and auction, but we’ve got so much more to add.

The auction will see a unique copy of Robert Gratton’s ‘The Ashover Light Railway’ book sold, complete with its own purpose-made slip-case. Railway artist, Eric Leslie, has produced an illustrated cover insert for the book, which will be signed at the AGM by Robert Gratton and Society officials, commemorating where and when this took place. There’ll be no other copy like it anywhere!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a genuine and orginal Ashover Light Railway ticket to sell, so don’t miss your chance to own a bit of ALR history.

Seeing as the AGM is open to members only, we are accepting emailed bids from non-members and members, which will be considered at the time of the auction. Postal bids will still be accepted, but must contain all contact details for the bid to be included. There is no opening price, so you decide what you want to pay. Proceeds from the auction will go towards fulfilling the ALRS’ goal of reopening a 2.5-mile stretch of the original ALR.

All bids to arrive by 9am Saturday 19th May.

Please send bids via post to:

Book/Ticket auction (please specify)
76 New Road
LL11 2ES

or email

The AGM is to be held at the Old Poets’ Corner in Ashover at 2.00pm on Saturday, May 19th.

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