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AGM Exhibition

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

The ALRS is very pleased to be presenting its first exhibition!

On Sunday 28th June 2009 the Annual General Meeting of the ALRS will be held in the Amber Hall, Ashover Parish Hall starting at 1.30pm.  In the Fabric Room, where last years AGM was held, an exhibition will be placed for both members and the local public to attend. This exhibition will be open for a period before and after the meeting, exact time still to be confirmed.

The exhibition will feature:

  • A history of the ALR, illustrated by society photographs (any members with any such images please see the bottom of this article for how to feature them in this exhibition) and artefacts from the ALR
  • The story of the ALRS so far, including the original proposal, its aims and what is has achieved since its inception
  • A working model layout of the ALR
  • A gallery of paintings representing the ALR (prints of some of which will be available in the shop set up between the two main rooms)

Members of the committee shall be on hand to answer any questions from members of the society or public.

Any members who have any images, artifacts, video or other material that they feel would be relevant to the exhibition should please contact PLEASE NOTE, due to memory space do not send attachments without prior arrangement as they are likely to be bounced.

Watch this site and local press for further announcements.

ALRS Gets its Railway (if only in miniature)

Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

Further to the news item posted on December 2, 2006 and information given in the ALRS in-house magazine, we can now announce that an agreement has been reached with the owner of the late Clifford Wragg’s working model layout of the Ashover Light Railway, and we hope to take possession sometime in the very near future.

Ashover: A Model Society?

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Attention all modelling enthusiasts!

An exciting piece of news recently reached our virtual ears when an email was received from the relative of a former ALR engineer. This relative has in her posession a large (21feet long) model railway layout of the ALR and is looking for a new home for it. (more…)