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Monday, November 1st, 2010

Issue 16 of the Society’s journal “Where The Rainbow Ends” has been published and posted to ALRS members.

For non members:- a taste of what you are missing.  Contents include:-

1. Amber Valley Camp and the ALR.   This includes four colour photos of the ALR taken from an 8mm cine film and never previously published. 

2.The Wembley carriages.  A history of the open sided coaches the ALR purchased to help move the holiday crowds. 

3. Steam locomotives of the ALR.  An illustrated description of the six Baldwins and the 0-4-0 Wren that operated on the ALR

4 An update on the bogies the GVLR has acquired to run under Ashover coach no.4

5. Regular features such as “First Word”, “Notice Board” and “Event Report”.

The easiest way to get hold of a copy of WTRE16 is to become a member of the Society.  Membership details and an application form are available on this website.  Alternatively, single copies of WTRE can be purchased via this website’s Merchandise page.

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Peggy & Bridget came home after over 50 years

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Yes, it did happen!  Peggy and Bridget did meet up at the society’s AGM.  The nameplates from these two Baldwin locos did return to Ashover, and were unexpectedly joined by a Joan nameplate as well.

In fact Peggy’s whistle also put in an appearance, as well as many other artefacts from the old ALR.  Considering the fact that it will soon be 60 years since the closure of the railway it is surprising the amount of material that is still available.  Newly discovered items are still turning up.

(Note:-Peggy’s nameplate and whistle were on display courtesy of the NGRM, Tywyn)