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An unexpected discovery (Oct/Nov 2012)

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

As detailed elsewhere in this website; immediately after the railway was closed, the locomotives, most of the wagons and the trackwork were sold for scrap. A short section of track and a few wagons remained at Fallgate to service the quarry there, and until a few years ago there was a set of points visible at the entrance to Butts quarry in Ashover.

However, the ALRS committee recently became aware of the existence of another stretch of track, comprising a set of points. This was completely unexpected, and the reason why it was not removed by the scrap dealer is unclear. The survival of this stretch of track was probably because of its position in a difficult location, on private land, well away from public rights of way.

However, with the full co-operation of the land owner a working party of ALRS volunteers has recently rescued these points and moved them to a secure location prior to display in a projected museum. The work involved with the removal did include the “pruning” of a number of saplings that have grown up on the track bed since the closure of the railway, but the rails themselves were remarkably well preserved… surface rust and some pitting but otherwise complete after all these years!

Further photos can be found via the gallery page.