Progress on the northern extension.

Good progress again yesterday (4/3/23) at Rowsley, despite the slightly colder temperatures. All of the new track up to the first turnout of the triangle has been ‘jacked and packed’ so should be all clear for running trains on. Thanks again to Longcliffe Quarries for providing the ballast!

A further panel of rail has also been bent and fishplated, although some final adjustments to the radius is still needed. Approximately half of the old path to the station has been lifted, with three piles of paving slabs available so far for our future revamped station platform.
The workshop has also seen activity, with various tasks including painting of components and some more work on the steam system for our Sentinel being completed.
Finally, all of the pandrols on the original section of mainline have checked over and the odd one or two that had come loose have been refitted.
Write-up and pictures courtesy of L Renshaw.

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