Loco:- Jaywick

Full details will follow shortly, but in brief this vertical boilered locomotive was built for the Jaywick Sands miniature railway (Essex) to resemble a Sentinel product. The railway closed with the outbreak of war in 1939, never to re-open. In 1947 it was sold for use in New Brighton (Merseyside), along with some coaches.  The photograph below shows the Jaywick at work in New Brighton. (Apologies for the quality of the illustration, but it has been taken as a still from a Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsQYpGmzkp4 )

The Jaywick was later rebuilt with a dummy boiler and chimney to resemble a conventional locomotive, and the New Brighton line continued to operate until 1965, although it is believed the Jaywick was out of use by 1959.

For many years the locomotive merely existed as a “kit of parts”, but with the potential for restoration.

The restoration process has now begun at our Rowsley workshop base. Volunteers (no special skills needed) most welcome.

Photos (c) G.Ludlam