Rainbow Ends… it’s days in Clay Cross

After an unexpected series of delays, the former ‘Where the Rainbow Ends’ cafe was finally dismantled between 22nd-24th November; securing a piece of genuine ALR history for use in the railway’s revival.

Using a team of contractors and a small but willing band of volunteers, the octagonal timber building, once the focal point at Ashover Butts, has been placed in storage whilst the structure is assessed and work progresses on our plans for the building’s re-erection.

The dismantling was not without incident, as one local objector blocked in the contractors’ vehicles and denied access until he was placated, and later the Police were called after someone tipped them off that hooligans were stealing lead from the building’s roof.

Commenting on the cafe’s safe removal, Society Chairman, Gary Boyd-Hope, said: “It’s an amazing acheivement! The ALRS is only just over a year old, but in that time we have managed to save an iconic ALR building for use in our project. I’m very pleased, and my thanks go to all who helped make it happen, either through their practical assistance or financial contributions.”

However, dismantling the building is only the fist step, and much work will be required before it can be rebuilt. Your assistance is vital, so please see the Appeal page for how you can donate to this project.

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