Our First Engine! The Report

The engine is a Ruston & Hornsby 20DL Diesel fitted with a 2VSHL two cylinder 2344cc engine.

We understand that it was built circa 1948, and was sold new to Liverpool Corporation Water Works. It is believed that around 1960 it went to Llanforda Hall water treatment works where it spent its life moving filter bed sand around the works. The railway worked until sometime during the 1970’s-1980’s and this locomotive was purchased by a private collector.

Nothing appears to have been done to it since its last use, but clearly it has been kept under cover as there is little significant corrosion apparent on the tin work. No repainting has been undertaken as a painted number on the front of the bonnet visible in a photograph of the loco at the works remains discernable today. At some time the cab has been dismantled and removed from the loco and is now lost, replacement parts are now being manufactured.

The only other part that appears to be missing is the oil pressure gauge which has been carefully removed.

Once the new cab parts have been fabricated and fitted it is intended to completely strip down the locomotive to enable a total re-furbishment and re-painting. Most obviously the wheels require new tyres, but no other significant work is yet apparent.


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