March 2020 updates

The ALRS runs a quarterly tote (application forms to join can be found in the “membership” pages of this website).

The March draw results are:-

1. SR of Pilsley, Chesterfield wins £42.52

2. RB of Wingerworth wins £25.65

3. MW of Pinxton wins £17.10

New members of the tote are always welcome.

Annual General Meeting

Details of the 2020 AGM will be included in the imminent issue of Where the Rainbow Ends (the society’s house magazine) and is scheduled for May 2nd 2020. (In view of the current situation you are advised to check back here in case any change becomes necessary)

Society progress.

This will be conveyed to members via WTRE initially, before being reported here; but suffice to say there has been tangible progress made.

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